Inside technology at an investment bank

Kieran Corcoran learns about this vital department from graduates at RBC Capital Markets

Investment banks are some of the most technologically and administratively complicated organisations in the world and operate in a competitive and fast-moving sector. So it's no surprise that they're investing in the best systems and graduate talent to stay efficient and powerful. Here we take a look inside Technology at global investment bank RBC Capital Markets, from the perspective of a recent joiner.

Monika Rudzeviciute

Analyst, Information Technology

  • BA Business Administration, 2003-7
  • Other investment bank, 2008-10
  • MSc Financial Computing, University College London, 2010-11
  • Joined RBC in 2011

What happens in Technology?

Technology is the backbone of the bank: it supports everyone's work, and it would be impossible to get by without it. We do all sorts of jobs - building trading systems, risk monitoring systems and also settlement systems for Operations. And of course we then monitor and support those systems, and keep working on them to make them perform better or more efficiently.

What drew you to Technology?

I worked in banking before, in a role not related to technology. But, of course, I still used technology all the time, and I got interested in how it works "under the hood", so to speak. I started to think: "I'm just a user of this application, so I don't really make many decisions. But if I were the person who writes applications, I could use my analytical skills to design how it works." I wanted the chance to build systems rather than just use them.

Tell us about your graduate programme.

RBC is a great place to get involved in technology. You initially rotate through three areas, so can try lots of different types of work, which is great for finding out what suits you best. You're also treated really well, and given the space to ask questions - people are always willing to help. As a graduate here you have a great opportunity to talk to lots of people and learn.

What's the best thing about your job?

I like the fact that my job is so self-directed; it's really motivating to be able to determine how I work. Of course, I keep in touch with my manager and have overall direction, but I am able to work out what needs to be done and who to meet, and then get on with making progress.

Do you need a lot of computer knowledge to work in Technology?

No, people from any degree background can apply for a role here. The main thing is to have a real interest in technology. When I was looking for a job, I was quite worried about whether I had the right skills. But here they teach you and explain things to you. As long as you have a drive to learn and to understand what you're working on, you'll pick up what you need to know once you're here.