Meet a woman working in technology in finance

Hannah Langworth speaks to Anna Inman, who works for global e-invoicing company 0B10

What do you enjoy about working in the technology in finance field and why would you encourage students to consider entering it today?

I enjoy the pace. There's a lot of scope to change how businesses work.

What knowledge and skills do you need in technology and finance and what's the best way to build them up?

I started my career working for an IT reseller and have worked for a range of technology firms. This has given me a broad knowledge of the types of systems and technologies we interact with. Don't be afraid to change roles during the early stages of your career to gain skills and knowledge.

What do you think is stopping the technology in finance world from being more diverse?

I haven't experienced a lack of diversity personally. For instance, OB10 employs people from many cultures and countries - I can sit in the office and hear at least four or five different languages being spoken.

Who would you say are good role models for female students interested in role in technology in finance to look up to?

Catherine Doran - the chief information officer of Royal Mail, and a very clever and witty lady. She started off in a very technical job.

What advice do you have for students interested in a career in technology in finance, particularly those from under-represented groups?

Believe in your skills and don't limit yourself by your perception of what people will think of you.