If you want to work in technology in finance as a graduate, there are many different opportunities open to you.

You can choose between an investment bank, an asset management firm, a consulting firm, a specialist technology company and more. To make the right choice, it's important to understand who these employers are, how they work with technology, and what they offer their employees.

Here's an outline of your main options:

Working in technology in finance option 1: investment bank

Thanks to the centrality of technology to trading and financial information management today, investment banks have large technology teams and are very keen to recruit graduates with technology experience. 

At an investment bank you might find yourself working on a specialist trading system or risk management system, on databases or cloud computing solutions used across the bank, or on working out how technology can be used to address business issues.

Working in technology in finance option 2: asset management firm

Asset management firms use complex technological systems to manage billions of dollars of investments across a wide range of asset classes.

At an asset management firm you could find yourself designing a system that allows fund managers to easily see and manage their investments, developing "big data" techniques to analyse very large sets of financial markets information, or developing solutions to cope with crash or hacking-related technology "worst case scenarios."

Working in technology in finance option 3: consulting firm

As technology is now so core to the success of many different types of business, many top consulting firms working with City clients now have large technology practices.

Working in a top consulting firm's technology practice you could be advising clients on cyber security, helping them become more efficient through using a particular technological tool, or managing an app design process for them.

Working in technology in finance option 4: technology company

As there's now high demand in the finance world for sophisticated technology tools, many technology companies are designing products specifically for the industry and some focus solely on working for finance clients.

At a technology company you could be developing a bespoke trading system for a client, analysing financial markets or trader performance data, or working on specialised hardware to be used by finance clients.

Working in technology in finance option 5: freelance

A proportion of those working in technology in finance choose to work as freelance contractors, contributing to a specific technology project at a finance employer for several months and then moving on to a new one.

Working in this way is an option once you have a few years of experience in technology in finance, and allows you to move between the options outlined above.