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Introducing technology in finance

What role does IT play in finance? 

Today technology plays a major role at investment banks and other organisations in the finance world. Read more 

Graduate employers

How do I choose which finance firms to apply to as a developer? 

If you want to work in technology in finance as a graduate, there are many different opportunities open to you. Read more 

Graduate opportunities for programmers

What kind of graduate opportunities are there for developers in finance firms? 

There are two main kinds of technology role available to graduates at a finance firm. Read more 

First year opportunities in IT in finance

How can I find out about careers in technology in finance as a first year? 

In your first year at university you have access to plenty of opportunities to find out about technology in finance and employers that recruit graduates in this sector. Read more 

Technology internships

What will I do on an IT internship in finance? 

Practically every major firm in the financial services field offers work experience programmes to give students a taste of the roles in technology they offer. Read more 

Applications, interviews and assessment days

How can I get a technology internship or graduate role in finance? 

Key to getting a technology job in finance as a graduate are experience of working with technology and an interest in the finance world. Read more 

Commercial awareness

How can I improve my commercial awareness for a technology interview at a finance firm? 

In the hunt for an internship or graduate place in technology in finance, commercial awareness is crucial. Read more