UIBS 2013: an M&A and trading competition for students

Introducing this national competition run by and for undergraduates in conjunction with Morgan Stanley

The UK Investment Banking Series (UIBS) is a national competition run jointly by finance societies at three top London universities: Imperial College, the London School of Economics and University College London. These finance societies have partnered with Morgan Stanley to hold the UIBS, which will take place in London in early November.

The competition

The competition consists of two separate challenges: a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) challenge where participants will present a pitchbook for a recent European acquisition, and a trading challenge where participants will be assessed through equity and derivatives trading simulations.

The winners of each challenge will receive a substantial cash prize and a certificate of distinction, while runner-ups will also receive cash prizes and certificates of merit. And there are significant benefits to taking part even for those who don't win a prize.

Career benefits

"It's a perfect opportunity for students to get hands-on experience of the challenges that analysts at an investment bank face day to day," says William Ho, Vice President of UCL's Economics and Finance Society (UCLEFS).

William was a participant in last year's M&A challenge, so is also able to offer a personal perspective on the insights you could gain from getting involved: "The judges raised questions that hadn't crossed my mind when I was preparing the pitch book. So it provided me with a better understanding of what investment banks actually do and what they actually care about."

"This knowledge prepared me well for assessment centres," adds William, "and if I were to get a role, I believe having taken part in the competition would help me in that too." The competition also provides entrants with opportunities to connect with those already working in the industry: "This year we have Morgan Stanley as our exclusive sponsor," says William, "so the competition will be a perfect opportunity to network with bankers and show them what you can do."

Open to all

The competition will be challenging, but William stresses that students of all levels, including first years, are capable of doing well. "All the technical information you need is available online. So what's really required from students for this competition is dedication - it's all about putting some effort in and coming together as a team."

For more information about the competition and to apply, visit uibseries.co Applications are open now until Sunday 20 October.