Getting technical

Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC)'s Ivan Mazour reports from this year's Technology Ventures Conference

The Technology Ventures Conference, held on the 22 June 2012 at Robinson College, Cambridge, brought together six distinguished speakers, four panel discussions, three exhibitions and three workshops, as well as 400 delegates, for a discussion based around the topic of "Innovation in an Uncertain World." Attendees were able to learn from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs such as Danielle Fong, who is on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, as well as participate in panel discussions and network with over twenty organisations, from startups to large Cambridge technology companies.

The role I played

I'm vice-president of external relations at CUTEC, a student of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, and an entrepreneur and investor. Throughout the year, my role has been to manage relationships with national and local press and to produce and send out press releases for our many events. I have also liaised with other entrepreneurial organisations and CUTEC alumni. At the event, as well as managing press coverage, I was also the organiser of the Cloud Computing panel.

Why I got involved

As a student returning to Cambridge University after six years away, I wanted to find an organisation which would combine my passions for technology and entrepreneurship. There were two to choose from, and I found CUTEC to be the most professional one, organising events which were both informative and entertaining. Over the year, I have made a close group of friends which I would trust to execute any task of any magnitude. The dedication that the team showed towards organising the Technology Ventures Conference, especially given that each member is not paid by CUTEC and also holds a full-time position as either a student or researcher, has been incredible.

The best session of the day

Undoubtedly the afternoon keynote address by David S. Rose. David gave a talk on exponential growth in technology which can only be described as mind-blowing, and the room full of delegates sat for an hour and a half having their understanding of the future of technology expanded to the point where they left realising that everything they thought they knew about it was in fact wrong.

The challenges

The event certainly posed challenges in terms of marketing and logistics. Organising 400 ticket sales required the coordinated effort of over ten people, with marketing strategies ranging from social media to posters, fliers and even coasters. Logistically, organising a VIP dinner for 150 people as well as coping with 500 people arriving to and leaving from the venue was an extremely complex job, requiring the involvement of every CUTEC member and a huge spreadsheet which informed them of their tasks well in advance.

Next year's event - and how to get involved

Next year will be the tenth annual Technology Ventures Conference - we have already booked the venue for a two day event and will have even more inspirational speakers from across the world. Interested students can get in touch at and the VP of External Relations will then keep them appraised on all of the events that CUTEC holds, as well as the details of the TVC itself.