The Apprentice: Episode 8

Hannah Langworth's weekly take on The Gateway's favourite business show

On first glance, this episode of The Apprentice based around urban art seemed to be taking the show we know and love a little way out of its comfort zone. But I was excited at the prospect of some tension between sharp suits and spray paint, corporate conformity and provocative graphical statements, and Lord Sugar's glossy boardroom and the mean streets of Shoreditch (The Gateway's home soil) and, err, the West Country.

However, the more I though about it, the more I noticed similarities between the cutthroat world of business and the urban art landscape. I regularly pass two works by Banksy on my wanderings around London and relatively often see they've been altered or even painted over by rival artists. The world of urban art seems to be about strongly-held opinions and a desire for conquest, where you've got to make a splash or be erased by your competitors - sound familiar?

The worlds of moneymaking and and urban art are more intertwined than you might think. Only last week, fashion mogul Marc Jacobs managed to turn a graffiti attack on his Manhattan boutique into cold hard cash by promptly printing the image onto hot-pink T-shirts and selling each for close to