The anatomy of Barclays: corporate banking

Kieran Corcoran explores graduate roles at this universal bank

Sam Granger

  • BA History, University of Warwick, 2006-09
  • Joined Barclays in 2009

What we do

We provide a range of financing products to business customers who come from a variety of industries and backgrounds. It's very wide-ranging; we could be doing anything from helping a high-street retailer with cash management to financing a new fleet of vehicles for a logistics company.

My role

I work in the client capital management team. We work with other areas of the business to ensure our portfolio delivers the right return on our capital.

Day-to-day, I undertake in-depth analysis of potential new transactions for the bank. So whenever someone from the relationship team is looking at a new deal for a customer, I ensure that it makes financial sense and enhances our relationship with them. It involves lots of detailed financial statement analysis, and also applying an understanding of the wider economy.

My graduate programme

I went through two rotations, each a year long. My first role was very client-facing, then I got a chance to do something more analytical, which is what I've done since. Moving around gave me a more rounded perspective and let me try out a couple of things before choosing which team to join.

Working across Barclays

We work together all the time. Providing universal banking is one of our main strengths - we're a a one-stop shop for our clients.

So even if, say, a retail client is managed day-to-day by the investment bank, we in corporate banking could help them with their cash management or provide a suite of trade solutions.

Qualities you need to work here

Attention to detail is extremely important. If you're looking at a particular deal, you need to understand its finer points quickly and efficiently.