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Introducing commercial law

Introducing a career in commercial law 

If you're just starting to think about a career at a commercial law firm, whether you're studying law or not, this is the perfect place to start. Read more 

What do commercial lawyers do?

What do commercial lawyers do? 

Law firms are divided up into a number of different practice areas, and when you qualify as a lawyer you will do so into one of these specific areas. This section introduces you to the areas you should know about, and you'll find the full descriptions below. Read more 

Graduate employers

The commercial law firms you need to know about 

There are many commercial law firms to choose from, both in the City and elsewhere. Read more 

First year students

Commercial law events for first year students 

In your first year at university you have access to plenty of opportunities to find out about careers in commercial law and commercial law firms. Read more 

Vacation schemes

Commercial law vacation schemes 

Vacation schemes at law firms essentially function as internships, offering students the chance to spend part of a university holiday experiencing what it’s like to work at a commercial law firm. Read more 

Law school

Law school: The Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and Legal Practice Course (LPC) 

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Training contracts

Commercial law training contracts 

Read more 

Career progression

How will my career as a commercial lawyer progress? 

Starting a career in commercial law as a graduate opens up many opportunities. Read more 

Applications and interviews

Application and interview advice 

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