Work experience scheme
at Slaughter and May

We run a one-week scheme at Easter and two-week schemes during the summer for law and non-law students in the penultimate year of their degree course (ie those in the second year of a three-year course or the third year of a four-year course).

Each scheme takes place in our London office.

During these schemes you will share an office with an associate in one of our legal groups. The associate will involve you as much as possible in their work.

There will also be a trainee solicitor assigned to you. The trainee will help you to settle in and will also be available throughout your stay to answer any questions and assist with any tasks you may be given.

As well as getting involved in legal work and conducting hands-on legal research, you will take part in training, workshops and interactive case studies. There will also be social activities arranged to give you opportunities to talk with partners and trainees outside the office.

To help cover your expenses while attending the scheme, we will pay you £300 for each week.

Applications for both the summer and easter schemes open on 1st November. Easter scheme applications close on 14th December 2012 and summer applications close on 11th January 2013