Analyst Consulting Group - Graduate Training Scheme
at Accenture

Salary: £31,500

Future > Present

Working with major businesses in the UK and around the world. Combining technology, innovation and strategy. Learning from your colleagues. Developing sought-after skills. And building a career with one of the world's leading management consulting, technology and outsourcing companies. Accenture offers you greater opportunities, challenges, and the chance to help drive business and technology transformation.

Greater opportunities

As a graduate joining the Analyst Consulting Group you'll gain a real depth of business and technology skills and experience by working on live projects and with teams at all levels. There will be incredible exposure to complex business problems; and through your work and your partnership with clients, you'll have a real involvement in transforming businesses and helping household-names become even higher performers

Greater experience

Learning from real, live work is invaluable; and at the same time, you'll be learning from colleagues as smart and as talented as you. This will be supported by exceptional training, which could take place offshore, with Accenture Analysts from around the world. After this, you can continually add to your skills through formal training, online courses and the support and guidance of mentors and buddies.

Greater rewards

To help businesses become high performers, we expect the same qualities in our graduates. So you'll need to have good degree results, a genuine interest in technology, and proof that you're already on your way to achieving high performance in other areas of your life. In exchange we'll give you a £31,500 starting salary (plus a £10,000 sign-on bonus) and a great benefits package to go with it.

Greater choice

For those of you looking for Placement opportunities, we have plenty to choose from. The Summer Vacation scheme is eight weeks of intense training for first-year students. Our six and 12-month Industrial Placements are perfect to gain in-depth business skills, working as a full-time member of the team. There's also our partnership with Teach First, to enable you to make a great contribution to education in the UK. Plus we have our very own Boot Camp, a 48-hour action-packed event to give you a full-on experience of life at Accenture.

Find out more about our graduate opportunities on our website.

Be greater than

Please note, we have successfully filled all of our roles up until the summer of 2013. However, if you're looking to take a Gap year, to take part in Teach First, or simply to defer your start date for a year, we would welcome your application for a role starting in the Autumn of 2013.