Diversity role models

Who can I look up to as a diversity role model?

Whatever your personal background and whatever industry sector you're heading into, having role models to look up is important. 

Here's some comments from a range of professionals about their experiences of diversity issues in their careers.

Diversity role model: Fizzah Jafri, Executive Director in Fixed Income Research at Morgan Stanley

"Morgan Stanley is in every sense a global institution." 

"If you walk across the floor in any of our offices here in London you’re likely to hear people speaking in Arabic, Hindi and every European language."

Diversity role model: Meera Sheth, analyst at investment bank UBS

"There are lots of networking events for women at the bank. They're great for meeting people on different desks and in different departments. 

"There are also lots of chances to get in touch with women high up in the organisation if you want to ask them for advice."

Diversity role model: Darren Dunne, investment bank Nomura

"As a kid, I never thought I’d be where I am today, working in an investment bank – but I really do believe that anything is possible." 

"Awareness is spreading throughout society about all sorts of disabilities, and this can only lead to things improving. Deaf people are achieving more and more all the time." 

Diversity role model: Heather Geluk, senior consultant at PwC

"I’ve personally found it really beneficial to work with more senior women, especially in understanding how to manage my “work-life balance.""

"Work-life balance is really important to me. My interests outside of work include high-altitude mountaineering, a passion which I discovered about five years ago."

"Over the course of the past five years, I’ve spent about 12 months in total on expeditions to some of the highest mountains on Earth, including Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu, as well as peaks in Argentina, Scotland and the Alps."