Graduate schemes at E.ON: IT and Business Change

Keely Lockhart speaks to David Welsh about his experience of the IT and Business Change scheme at energy giant E.ON

I studied BA Risk Management at Glasgow Caledonian University and then did LLM Law at the University of Edinburgh.

I chose the IT and Business Change scheme because I wanted to take on a lot of responsibility, really get stuck in on projects, and deliver something that would add value.

Although I didn't have a lot of IT knowledge when I joined the scheme, it didn't matter because as an IT Project Manager here you don't need to be heavily technical, it's more about being able to understand the bigger picture and the commercial impact of what you're doing rather than coding. That said, I have developed my technical skills through a course E.ON enrolled me in, and through the scheme in general.

The placements

My placements have offered me different experiences and numerous opportunities to build on my technical knowledge and business skills, they have got me used to working in a corporate and professional environment. I've had the opportunity to work on big international projects and to live and work abroad in Spain for six months.

I've just finished a placement in the retail part of the business, which has been the best placement so far because it's so dynamic - things get done at a very fast pace. I also had a huge level of responsibility because I got to run a project that was going to be seen by a lot of senior people.

I had to come up with a new IT process that integrated all the different retail functions (such as billing, home moves and transfers) and find a way of doing it in the most cost-effective way. Then I had to present it to the Board.

I've just been offered a job at E.ON in that department, so I'm now looking forward to taking on bigger projects and potentially doing another stint in Spain.

Personal development

At E.ON I've learnt that good communication, interpersonal skills and the ability to integrate well into a corporate environment really help you make an impression.

For example, when I first joined I'd do everything in the same way. But now, if I was with a British colleague, I'd suggest we have a quick chat; if I was with a German colleague, there would be a meeting booked with an agenda; with a Spanish colleague, I'd suggest we go to the cafe across the street and have a coffee or something to eat.It's about understanding and interpreting what works for other people.

Why choose E.ON?

As a graduate at E.ON, you'll be working for a company at the forefront of renewable energy development. You'll also have the opportunity to choose from a broad variety of schemes that are challenging, exciting, international and dynamic, with generous starting salaries.

The schemes are between 18 months and two years long and consist of four six-month placements, one of which can be spent working for E.ON in Europe. The aim of the schemes is to ensure graduates gain a breadth of experience, get a broad insight into career opportunities at E.ON and maximise their potential.