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Introducing consulting

What do consultants do? 

Consulting involves solving business problems through structured, rigorous and evidence-based analysis. Read more 

Graduate employers

How do I choose a consulting firm to work for? 

There are many graduate opportunities in consulting, both in the City and across the country. Read more 

Graduate opportunities in consulting

What are the main types of consulting I can work in as a graduate? 

Consultants fall into three main categories, who work with their clients on different issues and in different ways. Read more 

First year opportunities

How can I find out about careers in consulting as a first year student? 

In your first year at university you have access to plenty of opportunities to find out about consulting and consulting employers. Read more 


What will I do on a consulting internship? 

If you’re considering a career in consulting, a summer internship in your penultimate year at university is a great first step towards a graduate job. Read more 

Application, interview and assessment day advice

How can I get a consulting internship or graduate role? 

Consulting firms are looking for students with the potential to develop a range of business skills. Read more 

Career progression

How will my career in consulting progress? 

Starting a career in consulting as a graduate opens up many opportunities. Read more 

Commercial awareness

How can I improve my commercial awareness for a consulting interview? 

In the hunt for an internship or graduate scheme place in consulting, commercial awareness is crucial. Read more