Studying at Nottingham University Business School

A student studying here tells us how she's finding the experience

My experience at Nottingham University Business School

Zhen He (Yolanda) (pictured) is a student on Nottingham University Business School's MSc Entrepreneurship course.

We asked her why she decided to study at Nottingham University Business School, how she's finding her course, and how being at Nottingham University Business School is helping her move towards her career goals.

Why did you decide to study at Nottingham University Business School?

I studied at Nottingham University's China campus for four years, so I knew it was a good university.

Also, I had got to know some of the UK students who had participated in the China-UK exchange programmes run by the university, so had lots of friends in the UK.

And I'm very interested in entrepreneurship and Nottingham University Business School is one of the best places to study it in the UK.

How have you found your course?

Fascinating and challenging! We have a busy timetable, lots of work to do, and classes are really intense.

The teaching is of a very high standard - staff are very knowledgeable and know how to make classes interesting and useful. They're also approachable and encouraging.

And I like the fact that my class is very diverse - there are 31 students from 13 different countries.

I've also been able to participate in lots of activities outside academic work - for example, I went to a business lunch run by Nottingham University Business School and attended by employers, including a Chinese company wanting to fund Nottingham graduates.

I've also helped out on an MSc open day, and have enjoyed learning about British traditions and festivals.

What are your goals for the future, and how has being at Nottingham University Business School helped you to move towards them?

I'm trying to find a graduate job in the UK in marketing or sales, or management consultancy.

The careers staff here are really good. They tell you what qualities and skills employers are looking for, what to expect in an interview, and what to do to prepare.

They've helped me with my CV and have invited me to lots of careers events, both of which have been very useful.

Once I've had a few years of experience of working in a big company, I'd like to go back to China and start my own business.

What have you gained from studying at Nottingham University Business School?

Many practical skills, like how to think innovatively, business acumen, teamwork and time management.

And "guanxi" - it's a Chinese concept that means connections and relationships. Many of the people I've met here are now my close friends, and I hope we can also help each other in the future with our careers.

Nottingham University Business School offers a wide range of MSc programmes in addition to the MSc Entrepreneurship that Zhen He (Yolanda) is undertaking, including an MSc Industrial Economics, Innovation and Policy.