An invitation for undergraduates from London Business School

Why students should consider studying at this top business school

London Business School is one of the world's most reputable business schools, internationally renowned in the business and academic worlds for the quality of its courses.

London Business School offers a degree course - its Masters in Management - that's specially designed for recent graduates, and coming to study here at this stage of your career could be a great move.

Business school can provide a base if you want to be an entrepreneur, giving you access to expert advice and perhaps even funding.

It can also act as a booster: you might have a good first degree from a well-regarded university but need to fill in gaps in your CV.

It can also press a career reset button, giving you time to assess your options and learn about fresh subjects.

Life at the School will also give you outstanding opportunities to build a professional network, get to know one of the business world's key cities, and develop professionally and personally.

Meet a student

Alex Doman is a current Masters in Management student at London Business School. He graduated in 2012 with an MA in history from the University of Edinburgh and then worked for a year at a leading global bank, where he realised that coming to London Business School would be the right move for him.

Here he explains why he decided to go to business school at the beginning of his career, why he chose London Business School, and what he's getting out of the experience.

"While I was working in a graduate job in finance I realised that it wasn't right for me and that I hadn't really acquired business knowledge and skills.

I also realised that I didn't know what career path I'd like to pursue - not only did I not know where I wanted to work, but I also didn't know what was on offer to me.

People kept asking me: "What do you want to do?" and I'd think, "How am I supposed to know when there's so much I haven't tried?""

Why I came to business school

"Now I'm learning about many different things and I've got a pretty good picture of the job market.

Here you can find out more about business topics that interest you and also improve in weak areas - for instance, I wasn't too keen on accounting before, but I really loved the accounting course I did here."

Why I chose London Business School

"I chose to apply to London Business School because I knew it would be an excellent brand to have on my CV and because the exit prospects for Masters in Management students are so good.

From my research and talking to alumni I knew the job opportunities and salary levels you can get after studying here are outstanding.

Having now studied here myself, I'd say that London Business School is by far the most impressive educational institution I've been to in terms of its courses, exposure to careers, and fellow students.

I've had fantastic teachers and the location and facilities are amazing."

What London Business School offers you as well as your course

"The networking opportunities are great. You get to mix with all the different people on campus and with alumni too, either at events or through contacting them directly.

For example, if you have a job interview coming up you can search the alumni database for people employed at the company and arrange to meet them for a coffee.

There are lots of career-related extracurricular activities. I'm a member of the Industry Club that runs a "What is..." series of events - "What is marketing/investment banking/business development/oil trading?", and so on. Leading people in the field talk about what it's all about and how you can get in.

I'm also a member of the School's Student Association strategy team that helps the School with business issues it's facing.

I first worked as part of a team helping to reposition the School's Executive MBA (EMBA) course in its market, and was then asked to work on an Masters in Management undergraduate outreach project."

Alex is currently weighing up several options for when he graduates from London Business School, which include job offers from a startup, a consultancy and a major retailer.