Master in Management at ESCP Europe: student Q&A

We quiz a current student about how he's finding the course

Samuel Murphy is studying for the Master In Management at ESCP Europe.

We asked him why he decided to take the course, how he's finding it, and what his career plans for the future are.

Why did you decide to do the Masters in Management?

My decision was partly career-based, and partly based on the fact that the course looked really exciting! Also, my university had a partnership with ESCP Europe so after two years I could transfer to the Masters in Management course.

Academic reputation is probably the most important factor when choosing a business school, which ESCP Europe certainly had.

But the really unique thing about ESCP Europe is that it gives you the opportunity to live, work and study in three different cities, and use three different languages, which definitely appealed to me, even though I only started learning Spanish about three years ago.

What kind of projects are you working on?

At the moment we're doing a case study on the organisation and management of Walmart. We're working in teams of six to analyse their success and predict what kind of challenges they'll face in the future.

Earlier on the course we were set the task of creating a business plan for a shampoo targeted at children. We came up with a product with four flavours in one, and had to do everything from working out costings to branding the product for our target market.

What's the social life like?

There are lots of sports teams and other societies at the student union, which stretches across all five campuses. The teams and societies are very competitive with each other and are always trying to host better social events, which gives us a lot of opportunities to network and make friends!

Also, there are always companies coming to the campus to give presentations, and speakers coming in to do interesting talks - there's always lots going on.

What are your career plans, and how have they developed while you've been on the course?

I've always been interested in strategy, marketing and consumer behaviour - especially in the consumer goods industry. In five years, I want to be working with a multinational consumer goods company, focusing on emerging markets in Asia and Latin America.

By the time I apply for a job, I'll have done three different internships because at ESCP Europe internships in industry are a compulsory part of the course.

You spend six months studying and three months interning in each city, so you have a great chance to check out different industries and different companies and get some insight before you choose where you'd like to work full-time.

Last year, I interned with American Express in foreign exchange. I was working with the marketing and sales team so was exposed to the different aspects of their marketing strategy, which was really exciting.