ESCP Europe: Master in Marketing & Creativity

The key details about the Master in Marketing & Creativity at ESCP Europe, plus insights from a professor who teaches on the course

ESCP Europe's Master in Marketing & Creativity course is a master's programme in marketing with a focus on creativity.

Here are the key details and some insights from a graduate of the course and a professor who teaches on it.

About the Master in Marketing & Creativity at ESCP Europe


18 months.


London and Paris

Work experience

A real-life business consultancy project and a 12-week internship

Best suited to

Graduates with bachelors degrees in any field and a minimum of 18 months of work experience in a customer-related environment.

Meet the professor

Professor Peter Stephenson-Wright is the director of the Master in Marketing & Creativity course.

Why should I go to ESCP Europe?

For anyone looking for a career in the international marketing world, it makes sense to apply to a school that can offer an international outlook.

This is something we do extremely well, and which you see reflected in the makeup of our Master in Marketing & Creativity student body: in the current class we have 47 students from 33 different nationalities.

Because we have five campuses across Europe, students learn how to work in an international environment.

In particular, our high profile in France unlocks access to the French business world, which few UK-based institutions can offer, and students get the opportunity to study abroad for part of their degree.

Most business schools offering international programmes have affiliations with other schools that students transfer between, but you're really swapping from one programme to another.

With us, students benefit from one consistent programme from beginning to end.

What's special about the Master in Marketing & Creativity ?

We wanted to offer a marketing programme that took the professional approach of a business school, but which understood marketing is different in some ways to other disciplines.

Instead of concentrating just on academic theory, we wanted to also include a strong creative element. Only 50 per cent of marketing is getting the analysis right - the other 50 per cent is creativity.

The marketing campaigns that catch your eye do something that's different. All the components of the course use this mix of analytical and creative approaches.

For three terms, the programme is based in London and for one term students study in Paris, as both cities can claim to be leaders in the creative field but in different areas.

Companies that use creativity in their business come in and explain its role in their business.

Wherever possible, students are given an assignment straight after these seminars so they can take what they've observed and apply it themselves.

Towards the end of the programme, students work with a company on a specific project in teams for seven or eight weeks.

Each student also does an individual internship with a marketing company and delivers a thesis on some original research they've done there.

By the end of their journey, students have all the theory they need, have had lots of practice in applying it in class, and have gone into real businesses to practice what they've learnt.

How do I know if the Master in Marketing & Creativity is the right course for me?

We're finding our specialised programmes are getting very strong responses from students.

If you want a programme that will really help you to find your role in the modern business world, look for a forward-looking course that develops its curriculum constantly according to what's changing in the industry.

That's what the Master in Marketing & Creativity and our other programmes offer.

How can I find out more about the course?

Our open days are a good chance to meet the faculty and find out a bit more about ESCP Europe and our courses.

Also, our admissions team go out of their way to be helpful and are happy to discuss individual cases.

They can advise whether we think ESCP Europe or a particular course will suit a student, and give personalised advice to help them on their way here.

My experience on the Master in Marketing & Creativity at ESCP Europe

Adrian Alder is a graduate of the Master in Marketing & Creativity course.

"I graduated from HEC Geneva with a master's degree in business management, after which I worked in private banking and asset management with Credit Suisse for two years.

I felt that I wasn't passionate enough about finance to stay in that line of work - if you want to be among the best you need to love what you do. I wanted to do something more creative and the Master in Marketing & Creativity stood out as the perfect route to a career change.

The Master in Marketing & Creativity was a new course the year I enrolled, but given ESCP Europe's strong reputation, I was confident that it would be a high-quality programme.

The Master in Marketing & Creativity lasted for 15 months, and during that time I was immersed in an amazingly creative environment. I studied at the London and Paris campuses, and also spent time at the renowned Institut Français de la Mode, a leading French fashion and design school in Paris.

The programme was heavily geared towards employability: the aim was to equip us with the necessary tools to approach a marketing role in a holistic way. I graduated with an understanding of how fundamental marketing and creativity are to business and corporate strategy.

The programme is focused on real-life business. We worked on a range of creative seminars and case studies involving exciting global brands and had guest speakers from Lego, Cartier, eBay, the World Bank and many more.

Some of my former classmates are now employed at the likes of Pernod Ricard, Procter & Gamble, Electronic Arts and Ernst & Young.

I work in the channel development team at Apple, facilitating the European, Middle Eastern, Indian and African marketing programme implementation. The creativity of the Master in Marketing & Creativity along with the practical business knowledge it provided was great preparation for my job: I was able to make a real contribution from day one."

To find out more about the Master in Marketing & Creativity, you can visit ESCP's website ( or contact Patrick Sales at or +44 (0)20 7443 8843.