Master in Management at ESCP Europe

The key details and some insights from a current student

ESCP Europe's Master in Management course is a general masters programme focused on management.

Here are the key details and some insights from a current student.

About the Master in Management at ESCP Europe

  • Length Two years.
  • Location Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Torino, plus 80 partner universities worldwide.
  • Work experience Field projects and internships.
  • Best suited to Recent graduates with a bachelors degree in any field who want to build up their knowledge and experience of the business world.

My experience on the Master in Management at ESCP Europe

Christine Beau is a current student on the Master in Management course.

"I started at ESCP Europe this September. I had already worked in the corporate finance team at German car company Daimler in both Stuttgart and Tokyo, where I spent much of my time with consultants.

I found their work interesting and wanted to get into this field, which is why I decided to apply for the Master in Management. A lot of consultants from leading firms lecture at ESCP Europe and the school was highly ranked by the Financial Times, both of which convinced me to join the programme.

So far, the Master in Management has struck me as being very practical. Of course, in some financial modules you can't avoid theory, but we're learning how to do a job as well as the concepts behind it.

A lot of our work is based around case studies and the projects are challenging, which makes it feel like we're working to a very high standard.

Later in the year we choose which areas to specialise in from a list of around 20 options. Given my experience and my future plans, I think I'll opt for corporate finance and M&A, but there are lots of interesting options in areas like marketing and sustainable development too.

I'm spending two semesters in London, one in Paris and one in Berlin, which shows potential employers that you're willing to move to another country to achieve your professional or academic goals, and your flexibility and adaptability.

I'll also do two three-month internships in at least two different professional environments. At the moment I'm interested in strategic management and financial advisory consulting, but haven't decided which path to take yet. But I know the Master in Management will give me plenty of great options."