How ESCP Europe helped me progress in my career

Finbarr Bermingham speaks to three people who've benefitted from what's on offer at one of Europe's best business schools

Here we speak to three people who've benefitted from what's on offer at ESCP Europe.

The student

Sandra Theumann - Master in European Business

Tell us about your background...

After growing up in Brazil, I went to university in Spain and Australia before working as a journalist in Madrid, Beijing and Frankfurt.

I soon got bored of reporting on the European Central Bank and decided to try my hand at something different - something more business-related.

After spending some time working as part of an international recruiting team in Berlin, I began to realise that there was something missing from my experience: a level of managerial awareness.

I thought I could remedy this at business school, and was attracted to ESCP Europe because they offered a one-year programme. I don't want to be out of the working world for too long!

How are you finding ESCP?

I'm enjoying it a lot; it's a perfect fit for me.

My course is a great mix of strategy, marketing and creativity, divided between theory and practical assignments. It's suited to people who enjoy tackling problems in a hands-on way.

I find that many of the things I've seen or read somewhere in the past have begun to make sense at ESCP Europe, which is what I was hoping for. It's certainly a challenge, but one I'm loving.

We spend a lot of time working alongside people of different nationalities, with different languages and points of view. Studying here would benefit anybody hoping for an international career.

What does the future hold?

I've considered going back into one of the areas I've worked in before, but I know I can use this master's to switch again and try something completely new.

I've considered marketing and corporate communications - I think the amount of collaborative work I've done here will assist me in either of those fields.

The graduate

James Titley - Google

Tell us about your time at ESCP Europe...

I did the London-Paris track of the Master in European Business last year, which I thoroughly enjoyed and which was instrumental in my finding employment with Google.

I studied French and history at the University of Warwick, but when I finished I felt I wasn't in a position to compete with people who'd studied more vocational subjects.

The course at ESCP Europe was fantastic. I became better versed in business and was able to hone my language skills (I spent half the time studying in Paris).

Studying with people from all over the world gives you exposure to so many different attitudes and working methods. It engenders a great deal of interesting debate and helps change the way you think.

I learnt as much from being around the people at ESCP Europe as I did from the course itself, which is what makes it so great.

How did you make the move from ESCP Europe to Google?

The ESCP Europe network is influential, and there were a few ESCP Europe alumni at Google before I joined. Quite often, some of them will contact the school's careers office to see if they know of anyone at ESCP Europe who might be interested in a vacancy.

I was contacted on this basis, applied, and was accepted onto Google's graduate training programme. I currently work in the AdWords department, which is one of three rotations on the scheme.

How has your time at ESCP Europe been helpful since you started your job with Google?

I work closely with our clients, and I think the collaborative nature of ESCP Europe helped me a lot. I was able to acclimatise to the social and interactive side of this kind of work very quickly.

The professional experience I got from my integrated internships has been very valuable too. I spent a month working for Chanel in Paris, which was fantastic, and I undertook a consultancy project which helped me understand further how the business world works.

Contributing to a real project like that gave me a lot of confidence when I first joined Google.

The recruiter

Nicola James Duff - Bloomberg

Does Bloomberg have a strong relationship with ESCP Europe?

While there are no official ties between the two, ESCP Europe is one of the schools we absolutely go to when we're hiring.

The relationship is becoming stronger too. Last year was particularly successful and we retained a high proportion of the interns that came from the school.

I first realised how great ESCP Europe is when we went to one of their fairs: the quality of people who came to speak to me was really high, and they consistently seemed to be interested in Bloomberg and to have a strong understanding of what we do.

What sorts of roles are available to ESCP Europe graduates at Bloomberg?

Most of our ESCP Europe alumni have been recruited into the Financial Product Sales and Analytics programme, which is one of our main entry-level programmes.

What makes ESCP Europe graduates employable at Bloomberg?

We find that they bring the specific skills we're looking for, the ones that help make Bloomberg so competitive.

They've got the business background, which helps demonstrate their interest in the financial world and markets - essential for anyone who wants to work at Bloomberg.

All of the people we have recruited from ESCP Europe have been rounded and well-qualified, which is what we expect and encourage in our staff.

A high proportion of the graduates will be multilingual - in fact, because the students spend part of their time studying abroad, it's almost guaranteed!

Language skills are important here because in many roles, recruits will liaise with clients around the world on a daily basis, and because we operate in diverse and multicultural teams.

The graduates from ESCP Europe don't disappoint: when they come to Bloomberg they give the impression that they've already experienced the business world.