What studying at BPP Business School could do for your career

The Head Of Admissions on how they help graduates get started in the professional world

We spoke to a senior member of BPP Business School's faculty to find out what it can offer recent graduates.

Meet the admissions officer

Robert Goate is the Head Of Admissions at BPP Business School

"BPP Business School is the place to come if you want to start becoming a business professional while studying for a second degree.

We always say to our students: treat being here as your first job. Employers tell us a lot that they want graduates who not only understand theories and models but can also send an email to a client, run a meeting, and manage their own time to meet deadlines.

So BPP Business School is very much a work environment where we're coaching you and developing you to be a business professional by the time you leave.

All our tutors are professionals, which makes BPP Business School stand out from other universities. So if you're learning about accountancy, you're learning from a person who's been a practising accountant.

And all our assessments are based around real-life scenarios so you'll have far more confidence when you're asked to apply your knowledge in a workplace.

How are courses taught?

They're usually face to face, through a combination of lectures and workshops with about 20 students. Occasionally we run a webinar if students can't attend otherwise, and because we want students to get comfortable with them as they're increasingly common in the workplace.

We record all our lectures, so you can go back and watch them again if there's something you didn't understand the first time round.

Postgraduates also get to take part in group projects - for example, on one we run they work in teams as potential investors assessing footage from the BBC TV show Dragons' Den and together deciding on the level of investment they think is appropriate in each case.

What do students get apart from a qualification?

Our careers service offers a number of different opportunities for students, including mentoring, mock assessment centres, guest speaker events, and help finding internships and work placements.

Our master's students also have the option of taking part in a year-long coaching programme followed by a six-month work experience placement."

BPP Business School offers a range of MSc programmes suited to recent graduates, including its MSc Management and its MSc International Marketing.