Celebrity careers: Nick Leeson's cover letter

What would the applications of some of Britain's best-known businesspeople look like?

Dear Mr Abrahams,

I am writing to apply for the role of Director at The Gateway, as advertised on your website.

As a vastly experienced financial professional, I am keen to work with an organisation that seeks to help others make their first steps into the sector. I am currently self-employed as an after-dinner speaker and I hold a directorship with Galway United FC in Ireland too. After some time living abroad, I'm eager to return to work in the UK.

Having subscribed to The Gateway for some years, it was with great excitement that I noticed the vacancy in question. I have followed the editor on Twitter for some time and am an avid watcher of the videos you create. Furthermore, having spoken at many graduate fairs and events, I am aware of the esteem with which the publication is held in the sector. I believe I can buy into the ethos of helping students get ahead in the City fully. Indeed, in my twenties my mercurial rise to the top of the trading world leaves me ideally placed to offer careers advice to young financiers.

My experience in the finance sector is well-documented. I worked my way up from being a clerk at Coutts private bank to launching and managing Barings Bank's futures market on the Singapore Monetary Exchange aged just 25. My returns for the bank were spectacular and I showed great adaptability and management skills. While I was subsequently jailed for fraudulent trading, I believe that my post-incarceration career demonstrates my bouncebackability and business nous.

Since my release I have been a director at Galway United and have helped double the company's commercial revenue. I have also been responsible for balancing the company's books, and I run a tight fiscal ship. I've been made the subject of a film, Rogue Trader, and am now a household name - I could certainly help boost the newspaper's profile. I have eked out an excellent living from the after-dinner speaking circuit, showing my resilience and determination. I've had two books about my life published and, through these experiences, have gained a good insight into the publishing world. I'm certain that it's the area I wish to work in.

All of my financial experience, my public profile, my time at the helm of a successful organisation and my enthusiasm for The Gateway make me the perfect candidate for the role. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you for an interview discuss this exciting opening further in person.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Leeson