What could I study at business school?

There is a wide range of master's courses for recent graduates available at business school. 

Generalist courses at business school

An MSc Management, often the flagship course on offer to recent graduates at a business school, is a great option if you're unsure about what area of business you'd like to work in and would like to get a grounding in a number of areas and find out about your options. 

An MSc in marketing is another popular route that can suit people considering a wide range of career paths in business.

Specialist courses at business school

For those with an interest in a particular area, you can usually find a course where you can explore it further, whether it's finance, operations, or even a particular industry. Some of these courses require experience in the relevant area, but many are open to all interested recent graduates with good first degrees.

If you have an eye on the City, why not go for an MSc in Finance? There are many great courses out there, designed so that you can fit in networking and even internships with employers in the finance industry while studying.

If you want to make yourself stand out even more to City employers, why not go for a specialist course, such as an MSc in Real Estate Investment or Quantitative Finance, or even Islamic Finance?

There are also many other specialist courses on offer that can be excellent preparation for working in other industries or career paths – for example, you could study energy management or the workings of global supply chains.

Internships and networking at business school

Whatever you're studying at business school, you can expect your studies to be interspersed with internships, often structured to be an integral part of the course, and opportunities to meet potential future employers at training and networking events.