There are a wide range of opportunities open to graduates interested in working in asset management. Here's an outline of the main areas you could work in.

Graduate opportunities in asset management: investment

Those working in investment at an asset management firm focus on analysing potential companies and other assets that the funds they work on could invest in.

Graduate opportunities in asset management: risk

Those working in risk are involved in monitoring the risks to which an asset management's funds are subject and ensuring that investors are protected against them to the extent possible.

Graduate opportunities in asset management: account management 

Those working in account management are responsible for identifying new clients and for liaising with existing clients, particularly in relation to providing them with updates on their current investments and introducing them to new products. 

Graduate opportunities in asset management: product management

Product managers have expert knowledge of the investments which an asset management firm could offer to a particular client. Their role is to determine which product or type of investment would be best suited to a client.

Graduate opportunities in asset management: finance

The finance department at an asset management firm produces the firm’s accounts, and also monitors and analyses the firm’s overall financial position.

Graduate opportunities in asset management: IT

An asset management firm’s IT team constructs and monitors the often complex IT systems needed by the firm.