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Introducing asset management

What do asset management firms do? 

Asset management means deciding where to invest money. Asset management firms take care of large sums of money for corporate and individual clients. Read more 

Graduate opportunities in asset management

What kind of graduate opportunities are there in asset management? 

There are a wide range of opportunities open to graduates interested in working in asset management. Here's an outline of the main areas you could work in. Read more 

First year opportunities in asset management

How can I find out about careers in asset management as a first year student? 

In your first year at university you have access to plenty of opportunities to find out about careers in asset management and asset management employers. Read more 

Asset management internships

What will I do on an asset management internship?  

Asset management internships can be an important step on the path to a career in the asset management world. Read more 

Asset management application, interview and assessment day advice

How can I get an asset management internship or graduate role? 

Asset management firms look for students with strong CVs, initiative and confidence, and, perhaps most importantly, a good understanding of the asset management industry. Read more 

Career progression

How will my career in asset management progress? 

Starting a career in asset management as a graduate opens up many opportunities. Read more 

Commercial awareness

How do I improve my commercial awareness for an asset management interview? 

In the hunt for an internship or graduate place in asset management, commercial awareness is crucial. Read more