1 What do professional services firms do?

What do accounting firms do?

The work done by professional services firms is normally divided into three broad areas: audit, tax and advisory. Here we look at each in a more detail, giving you a mental map to help you understand what being an accountant really means.


2 Accounting internships

What will I do on an accounting internship?

If you’re considering working in accounting in the future, a summer internship can provide you with an idea of what to expect and also open doors for you when the time comes to look for a graduate job.


3 Choosing an accounting firm to work for

Which are the best professional service firms to work for?

To help you make sense of the landscape of professional services firms that are recruiting graduates, we've split the most important firms up into three groups according to their size, and provided a brief description of each.


4 Accounting application, interview and assessment day advice

How do I get into accounting?

Accounting firms are looking for driven, motivated and resilient people with intellectual agility and curiosity who can stay focused and get things done.